Aubade Charnels Sexy Guepiere


Brand Aubade

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The guepiere from the Baisers Charnels line is stunningly luxurious and sensual. It captivates the eye with its flesh-coloured tulle that melts into the skin. At the centre, black lacing trimmed with gold-coloured rings seductively nips in the waist, whilst embroidered scrolls appear to dance across the hips in a wonderfully elegant look.Embroidery takes centre stage in the Baisers Charnels line, where Aubade breaks all the rules of classic lingerie to create a captivating wardrobe. The paisley colour offers black embroidery swirls that appear chiselled onto a flesh-coloured tulle background. Elasticated strips at the neckline create a graphic effect that adds a breath of sensuality.