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Selma and Luis - We Love W8 - The Kensington Podcast

The Kensington Podcast interviews Susana

Did you know Maison SL will order in items specially if you want something not in stock? Susana Lorena told Selma and Luis of We Love W8 - The Kensington Podcast how she cares for customers and why she loves working with lingerie…..
December 12, 2020
illustration of Maison SL, Notting Hill's lingerie and swimwear boutique, by the Secret Artist NW5

Finding a bra you love at Maison SL

Alexandra Shulman, the former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, talked this month about her experience of buying beautiful bras at Maison SL on My Wardrobe Malfunction with Susannah Constantine..... 
November 25, 2020
Virtual shopping - bra fitting or browse

Virtual shopping - bra fitting or browse

Sign up for a virtual styling session from home. We do online bra fitting via Zoom and Facetime. Or if you just want to browse for Xmas presents, we will give you a virtual tour.....

November 20, 2020