If you’re new to lingerie and don’t know your babydoll from your camisole, or your waist cincher from your suspender belt; this guide to the different types of sexy lingerie on the market has got you covered.

Luxury lingerie is more than just underwear. A good piece of lingerie has the potential to create a more empowered, sexier version of yourself. It comes in a range of different forms to suit any body type and personal style, so you can be guaranteed there’s a piece of lingerie out there to complement you, your body and your special moment. Beautiful lingerie underneath your clothes is your own secret pleasure or worn in the bedroom it is a great way to add some extra excitement.  

This complete guide will help you to navigate the different types of designer lingerie available and their purposes; so you can choose the perfect luxury item to enhance your natural features and make you feel good about yourself, or find a breathtaking piece for that special occasion.

If you’re ready to start exploring beyond simple bras and panties, check out this guide to see the different lingerie styles explained to find the ideal piece for you.

In this article we’ll cover the most popular styles of luxury lingerie:

Basque example


A basque, also known as a corset, is designed to accentuate the natural features of the typical feminine form. It typically has a boned structure which runs the entire length of the garment and works in a similar way to shapewear, giving a slimmer appearance to the waist whilst enhancing the curves of the hips.

The main difference between a basque and corset is the cups. Basques are cup sized like bras whereas corsets are not. So basques are ideal for those that want not only to accentuate the feminine form but also want breast support.

Due to its slimming ability, a basque can be worn underneath clothes to provide a slimmer silhouette or alone as a statement piece of lingerie that accentuates your assets.


bodysuit example

Bodies, also known as teddies, are a type of one-piece lingerie that you can slip into for instant glamour. Similar in shape to a swimming costume, bodies are typically made of lace, silk or mesh and are designed to contour to your body’s natural shape, with various cut out-outs available to highlight whichever natural feature brings you the most confidence,

The luxury lingerie market boasts a wide range of different cuts to accentuate your natural body shape in all the right places; a higher leg will elongate shorter legs, while a plunging neckline can amplify an ample cleavage.



A babydoll is a short, loose-fitting nightgown. It can have the added feature of formed cups to enhance your cleavage or soft lined cups, with an attached loose-fitting skirt falling over the abdomen and stopping above the hips. Some part into two sections at the front, giving a cheeky glimpse of what is underneath, while others are a solid flow of material around the waist.

A babydoll is a great piece of lingerie to have in your collection; the flowing skirt allows for more comfort than some other types of lingerie, especially for those who feel more comfortable with their abdomen covered, whilst still accentuating the breasts and enhancing the feminine form. The supportive cups can be padded to enhance the shape and appearance of your breasts.



Similar to babydolls, camisoles are loose-fitting garments with thin, delicate shoulder straps. They are usually not wired or padded but some designs still provide light support to the breasts through a tighter fit around the chest. Camisoles are both seductive and comfortable in their design, so a white silk camisole makes the perfect choice for stylish wedding night lingerie.

Camisoles are lightly contoured to accentuate the natural curves of your body whilst providing some light support. They come in a variety of different styles and fabrics, but silk and lace are particularly popular choices for camisole designs due to their light yet sumptuous feel.

Suspender Belts

suspender belt

Suspender belts were originally designed to hold stockings up and prevent them from slipping down the legs. Although many suspender belts still come equipped with clips to hold up seductive thigh-high stockings, these days they also simply work on their own as a tantalising addition to any type of lingerie.

The long straps of a waist-hugging suspender belt elongate the legs whilst slimming the waist. They are also a great piece of lingerie to cover the belly pouch, a part of the body that women can be particularly conscious of. When paired with an elaborate boned basque to a simple bra and panty set, adding a suspender belt to your lingerie is guaranteed to take it from simple to sultry.



Waistcinchers are a gorgeous addition to any lingerie collection. They are the perfect blend between a basque and suspender belt; marrying together the waist-slimming effect of a basque with the function of a suspender belt, whilst still looking elegant.

The main function of a waistcincher is to define the waist, making it appear smaller, whilst sculpting the hips. They are often equipped with clips to hold up thigh-high stockings for that extra flair of sophistication.

Bras And Briefs Sets

bra set

The luxury lingerie market has elevated bras and brief sets from everyday underwear to lingerie must-haves. There are many coordinated sets of matching bras and pants in a different range of styles to increase body confidence for every body shape; making them the ideal choice for ladies whose proportions are better suited to a 2-piece, such as those with a fuller bust but narrower hips. With a luxury designer bras and briefs set, you can be sure of a beautiful design that continues from your bra to your briefs, without compromising on quality.

It’s no secret that wearing a matching underwear set increases a woman’s confidence, and a good quality bra and pants set enhances self-esteem and, more importantly, self-love. The ability to mix and match the bras and briefs allows you to choose your favourite style like thong, classic brief or shorty style.

Tights, Stockings And Hold Ups

tights hold ups examples

Tights, stockings and hold ups all serve a similar purpose and are considered hosiery, but each of them differ in the way they work. Tights, often called pantyhose in the USA, usually cover the legs and waist, while stockings and hold ups only go up to the thigh. Stockings need to the support of suspender belts to secure them while hold ups usually have a silicone band to keep them in place around the leg.

Hold ups and stockings are usually the finishing touch to a complete luxury lingerie set or designer lingerie outfit, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

When choosing tights or stockings for yourself or someone else, consider what kind of look you want to achieve – classic glamour or subtle sophistication. You’ll also want to consider how often you’ll be wearing them – for everyday wear, choose durable fabrics like nylon or lycra; for special occasions opt for luxurious materials like silk or lace.

Final Words

This comprehensive guide to luxury lingerie has covered a range of gorgeous lingerie items available at the moment and we hope it has helped you to decide which lingerie items, or items, are the right choice for you.

Go ahead and bookmark this page to come back to a later date, because you never know when you might need these different types of lingerie explained again whether you’re choosing a gift or shopping for yourself.

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