If you are a romantic looking to surprise your significant other with a special gift, lingerie might be just the thing. 

Selecting the perfect piece of lingerie is a thoughtful gesture that shows your love and that you’ve taken the time to understand your partner's style. 

However, there's also a lot that can go wrong. From the wrong size offending her to choosing a style that is very much not her, your thoughtful lingerie gift could go horribly wrong. 

Avoid any drama by paying attention to our simple rules on how to buy lingerie for your wife, girlfriend or partner this Christmas. 

1. Understand Your Partner's Style

The first step in buying lingerie is understanding your partner's preferences. 

The golden rule here is to keep reminding yourself that it's a gift for her, not you. Every woman has her unique style and comfort when comes to undergarments. Some might prefer a seductive, lacy babydoll, while others lean towards simplicity, and comfort like a soft bra.

When it comes to buying lingerie for your wife or girlfriend, it's meant to be a mutual enjoyment. 

This isn't an opportunity for you to fulfil all of your personal fantasies. While we appreciate the romantic gesture of unwrapping a piece of lingerie specifically chosen for our bodies, we don't want someone else's fantasy imposed upon us in the name of a selfless act.

Take the time to understand her style and what makes her feel confident and comfortable. Ask yourself questions like: 

If you can, take a look at her existing lingerie collection to find out more about what kinds of lingerie she wears.

Remember, buying lingerie should make her feel beautiful and empowered. It should reflect her individuality and enhance her confidence when wearing it. This thoughtful approach will not only demonstrate your understanding of who she is as a person but also show how much you value her happiness.

2. Getting The Size Right

Choosing the right size is crucial when purchasing lingerie. 

To discreetly find out your partner's size, you could check the labels on her current lingerie. You could also offer to do her laundry and gain some vital information in the process.

Unlike regular clothing, lingerie sizes can vary significantly between brands. Use our explainer guide on how bra sizing works to help or get in touch with the specialists at Maison SL, who will be happy to help with any questions. 

3. Learning The Different Types of Lingerie

Lingerie comes in various styles, each suitable for different occasions or preferences. For everyday wear, a pair of comfortable panties and a bra set might be ideal.

If you’re not buying a gift for Christmas, but it’s for special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine's Day, consider something more daring like a matching lingerie set or a basque.

Popular choices among many women include bralette sets and bodysuits. These pieces often strike a balance between comfort and sexiness, making them perfect for lounging around or a romantic night in.

4. Quality Matters

Quality matters when buying lingerie, with luxury lingerie being well worth the investment. High-quality lingerie not only lasts longer but is also more comfortable and flattering. Look for well-made pieces that use premium materials like silk or lace.

Known for its superior quality and stunning collection of luxury lingerie designers, Maison SL offers an array of luxurious lingerie perfect for every woman.


5. Making the Purchase: In-store vs. Online

There are many places to buy lingerie, from department stores to independent boutiques to even online stores. Where you choose to shop can greatly impact your shopping experience.

Whether you choose to shop in-store or online depends on your comfort level and available time. Shopping in-store provides the benefit of seeing and feeling the product before purchase while shopping online offers convenience and a wider range of options.

Luxury lingerie stores like Maison SL based in Notting Hill, London, offer an extensive range of women's luxury lingerie brands from the finest European designers. They cater for all ages, shapes and sizes from cup size A to I so you are sure to find the perfect gift.

If you feel uncomfortable shopping in person or want to avoid the holiday rush, consider online stores. If you decide to shop online at Maisonsl.com, please get in touch with any questions you might have, the team will be happy to help. 

6. Wrapping and Presentation 

Once you've made the purchase, it's time to think about the presentation. Lingerie is an intimate gift, so take extra care in how you present it. You could place it in a beautiful box lined with tissue paper or even add a personal note expressing your love. At Maison SL we offer in-store gift wrapping.

When presenting the gift, ensure that it's at an appropriate time and place where she can appreciate it fully. A surprise gift on a quiet evening at home can create a memorable moment for both of you.

Make a shopping trip out of it. Buy lingerie together.

With such variety, it's easy to understand why one may feel apprehensive about selecting the perfect piece. 

If you're not 100% sure that you'll choose the right piece then another option is to give a gift card so she can  choose her own lingerie gift. 

You can also turn it into a shared experience by turning it into a fun shopping outing that you can enjoy together. Plan a special day where you book an intimate restaurant to enjoy lunch together before taking her to a specialist lingerie shop like Maison SL in Notting Hill. 

Maison SL's founder, Susana Lorena, is an expert in lingerie and her knowledge can provide guidance as needed while ensuring privacy and personalised attention throughout your shopping trip. This way, you'll not only find lingerie that accentuates her beauty but also strengthen your bond through mutual understanding and appreciation for each other's desires.

You not only ensure she gets something she truly loves but also create an opportunity for shared excitement and intimacy. By involving your partner in the decision-making process, you eliminate the risk of purchasing something that might not suit her taste or fit comfortably. 

Final Words

Choosing to buy lingerie for your wife or girlfriend can be treated as an exciting journey of discovery. It’s about understanding her preferences, finding that perfect piece that complements her beauty, and presenting it in a way that shows your love and appreciation.

Enjoy exploring Maison SL’s carefully curated range of luxury lingerie to find something truly special for your loved one. Remember, giving a thoughtful intimate gift like lingerie can bring joy not only to your partner but also to you, seeing her face light up with genuine happiness.

Happy shopping!

October 29, 2023
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