How to check if your bra fits

If your bra feels uncomfortable – too tight, too loose, digging in - there is nothing wrong with you. There is something wrong with your bra.

Many women wear the wrong size bras. The tendency is to buy too large a back size and too small a cup size. Getting the right fit is complicated by the fact that different brands and different styles fit slightly differently.

It is always best to come in to our Maison SL boutique in Notting Hill for a proper fitting and we can advise you on what will work best for you.

To check if your bra is fitting properly, here are the basic rules of thumb but bear in mind that it is what feels most comfortable for you that matters:

1. Make sure the centre front of the bra sits flat

This piece of the bra, called the bra bridge because it joins the cups, should lie flat on your chest and against the skin. If it is either loose or digging in, you have the wrong size.

2. Check how the underwire sits

With a wired bra, the underwire should nestle comfortably around your bust to give a good fit. If the wire sits on your breast tissue the cup is probably too small and you need try a larger size. If the wire is loose and does not fit snugly, you may need a smaller cup size.

3. Check the cups

Your breast should fit comfortably into the cup without digging into the breast tissue or feeling that you are spilling out at the sides or top. If the cups dig into the breast, it means you need a larger size. If the cup feels loose, you probably have too large a cup size. The fit should be snug but comfortable, providing a smooth contour from bra to breast.

4. Make sure the bra band is giving support

This is crucial because the bra band provides much of the support you need from a bra. The bra band should fit snugly, parallel to the cups and at the same level all around your body. To check, fasten your bra on the last hook. If the back rides up and does not sit at the same level as the front, the band size is too big and you need a smaller size. You should be able to comfortably put two fingers under bra band at the back where it fastens. If you cannot, then the band is too tight and you should try a larger size. Remember that if you opt for a smaller back size, you will need to go up a cup size to compensate. For instance, if you find that a 34B is loose in the back, try a 32C. Because of the way bra sizes work the cup size will be the same.

5. Adjust the straps

Adjust the straps so they sit parallel. Although the bra band provides most of the support for your breast, the straps also help. But the straps should not dig in or leave marks.


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