The appeal of designer swimwear cannot be understated when you want to feel sexy, confident and supported on the beach.

It is not just about flaunting a designer label. It is about investing in a piece of art, crafted from fine materials in a quality cut that celebrates your body. 

Investing in designer swimwear means investing in quality, comfort, durability, and exclusive designs that set you apart from the crowd. Care for your swimwear properly, choose sustainable luxury brands and your body and wardrobe will thank you, with stunning pieces that last summer after summer. 

We’ve put together our favourite luxury swimwear brands to choose from this summer, so you can refresh your wardrobe and look fabulous on the beach and by the pool. 

1. Andres Sarda Swimwear

Based in Barcelona, Andres Sarda’s luxury designer swimwear is known for its Mediterranean cosmopolitan looks. 

Bold prints with flattering cuts combine to make the hottest bikini and swimsuit pieces from Andres Sarda. 

If you’re concerned about buying swimwear online, we have a guide to shopping for swimwear online that you’ll definitely want to check out. 

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2. Valery

Find luxurious elegance in your swimwear with Valery, an Italian designer that simply oozes retro Mediterranean glamour. 

If you want to make an impression on the beach this summer, then Valery is your go-to luxury swimwear brand. Each piece is made in Italy, perfect for your next holiday on the Amalfi Coast. 

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3. Banana Moon

Carefree and fun - that’s Banana Moon. 

A cult classic, the brand has become synonymous with comfort and quality, wrapped in timeless prints with a whimsical feel. In the brand’s own words, Banana Moon takes you to a world where the sun is shining all year long.

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4. Empreinte

A luxury French brand creating high-quality and supportive swimwear for all shapes and sizes of women. If you like to look good on the beach but need that extra level of support that comes with a well-fitting, structured swimsuit, then Empreinte is for you. 

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5. Gottex

An iconic swimwear brand, founded in 1956, that still feels fresh in 2024. 

We love Gottex’s mix of block colour designs with their on-trend prints as well. 

And, let’s be honest, any brand once loved by Princess Diana, will forever be a coveted luxury swimwear brand. 

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6. Maryan Mehlhorn

The best designer bikinis and swimsuits are built to last, using the latest fabric technology to ensure colours won’t fade and the fabric will fare well against chlorine, salt water and the sun. And that is exactly what German designer Maryan Mehlhorn is known for. 

The brand combines on-trend bikinis and swimsuits with the latest fabric innovations, for a fashion-forward look that will last for summers to come.

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7. Lise Charmel

You might know Lise Charmel for their luxury lingerie range, but the French designer is not to be overlooked for their sexy swimwear range as well. 

Catering to women of all shapes and sizes, they are passionate about creating feminine swimwear with a timeless appeal.

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8. Nicole Olivier

The story behind is Nicole Olivier is part of what makes the brand so unique; on a sunny day at the beach in Cannes in 1965, Nicole Leveque and her husband Jean-Pierre, recently returned from the Algerian War with a textile engineering diploma, decided to embark on an adventure and launched Nicole Olivier, making luxury swimwear.

Bold colours and geometric designs make this Nicole Olivier a luxury brand to desire. 

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9. Watercult

You can’t be blamed for worshipping Watercult, it’s in the name after all. 

Watercult is the more youthful, sporty swimwear brand from the Maryan Mehlhorn brand. 

With its bright styles, Watercult embodies a relaxed, fun-loving and travel-orientated lifestyle, perfect for the summer months on the Italian lido sipping an Aperol Spritz 

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10. Aubade

Renowned for its iconic French lingerie, Aubade also cuts a dash with its statement swimwear collections that feature graphic, modern shapes and environmentally-friendly, recycled materials.

Perfect for relaxing on the Côte d'Azur.

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April 04, 2024
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