Alexandra Shulman, the Daily Mail columnist and former Vogue editor, wrote about why she never used to wear bras and the difficulty finding the right one until she came to Maison SL, luxury lingerie shop in London, (My love-hate relationship with the bra — and how I found 'the one', 6 Mar 2023). 

Luxury bras say something about your identity and change the way you feel about yourself, she said.

"Knowing you are wearing a beautiful piece of kit that no one can see is one reason why so many women who wear uniforms splash out on underwear."

Alexandra told how she came to Maison SL and Susana fitted her with comfortable wireless bras after she had a lumpectomy.  

"I call Susana Lorena the 'bra whisperer' because without a tape measure, only a few questions and a quick glance, she can find you the perfect bra," she said.



March 06, 2023
Tags: News