For any woman who loves to keep up with the latest trends, understanding the concept of denier is essential. Tights have always lent a classic element to a look but AW 2024 trends have seen tights make a spectacular comeback to high fashion that no one saw coming.

So what is tight denier exactly and how much of a difference does it make to a look? Let’s delve into the world of tights, stockings, hold ups and discover how different deniers can affect your style.

What does denier mean?

In the simplest terms, denier refers to the thickness of the yarn used in the manufacturing of tights, stockings, and pantyhose. The term 'denier' measures the weight in grams of 9000 meters of the yarn. Therefore, the higher the denier, the thicker and more opaque the hosiery will be. Conversely, a lower denier means the material will be more sheer and delicate.

Understanding tights denier is crucial in the world of hosiery; it affects not only how your hosiery looks but also how it feels on your skin. Different deniers offer varying levels of coverage and warmth, allowing you to customize your look based on your style preference, occasion, and weather conditions.

Different Tights Deniers and Their Look & Feel

Tights come in a huge range of deniers, each offering a unique appearance and feel.

  • 5-10 Denier: This range offers ultra-sheer tights that are almost invisible on the skin. Perfect for a natural look during warmer weather, these bestow a bare-leg illusion with a slight hint of color.
Trasparenze Voile Hold Ups 8 Denier
  • 10-20 Denier: Still on the sheer side, these give your legs a smooth and polished finish. They're perfect for formal occasions or when you want a more refined look.
Trasparenze Katia  Tights 15 Denier
  • 20-40 Denier: This range offers a semi-opaque finish that provides more coverage and is more durable than the lower deniers. Ideal for transitioning seasons when you need a little more warmth. Timbuchtu Fashion Tights

  • 40-70 Denier: These are opaque tights that offer full coverage. They're great for colder weather and give your legs a sleek silhouette.
Trasparenze Debbie 40 Denier Tights
  • 70-100+ Denier: The highest denier range, these provide the most coverage and are typically the warmest option. They're best for winter months when you need extra insulation against the cold.

Trasparenze Cortina Tights 100 Denier

Trasparenze Cortina Tights 100 Denier

Choosing the Right Denier

Choosing the right denier tights is not a one-size-fits-all decision; it depends on personal style, occasion, and weather.

For instance, if you're going for an elegant evening look, sheer tights in the range of 10-20 denier would be a good choice. For a casual daytime look in cooler weather, you might opt for semi-opaque or opaque tights in the range of 40-70 denier.

Remember, different deniers can also be matched with various outfit trends. Sheer tights pair well with light, flowy dresses for a chic, feminine look, while opaque hosiery can add a bold statement to a mini skirt or dress.

Keeping up with Tights Trends

Tights will forever be an essential part of women's fashion, so understanding how different deniers play a role in the latest trends is vital. For instance, sheer tights have made a significant comeback on runways recently, with fashionistas sporting the barely-there look. Moreover, patterned and colored hosiery in varying deniers is also gaining popularity as evidenced by Victoria Beckham in October 2023.

At Maison SL, we favour the Mantua-based Bandioli family's Trasparenze brand. They make legwear for La Perla, renowned for their quality, elegance, and durability. Trasparenze uses cutting-edge technology and invests in solar energy to power its manufacturing.

From semi-opaque polka dot tights to high-denier colored tights, there's never been a better time to treat yourself with quality tights or stockings. To make sure you get the right choice for you, we've gone into detail on the different names for tights that are sometimes used instead of denier numbers.

What Are Opaque Tights?

Opaques are higher denier tights with fabrics often over 40 denier. Perfect for cold winter weather, they provide warmth and comfort and can be found in shades up to 200 denier. High deniers are more durable and darker than normal sheer tights, but light shades can be found. Save opaques for winter weather or cold snaps.

What Are Semi-Opaque Tights?

This is a slightly murkier category than sheers and opaques - usually sheers cap out at 30-40 denier and opaques are 40+. We like to classify semi-opaques as 30-40 denier - thick enough to show colour but light enough to still see skin. Any thicker and they cover legs entirely, any sheerer and moles, birthmarks and tattoos are visible. Semi-opaques are perfect for milder weather.

What Are Semi-Sheer Tights?

Sheer tights are lower denier and come in around 5-30 denier. Perfect for spring and summer, they are lighter and more colourful in the 20-30 denier range. In the 5-15 denier range, nudes and tans are more common. Popular staple colours like black and barely black are always available. Sheer tights and stockings are ideal for formal and professional occasions, and stockings are especially feminine.

What Is Classed As Ultra Sheer Tights?

Ultra sheer tights, the narrowest category in hosiery, are defined as anything that is 10 denier or less. While it is quite rare to come across tights below 10 denier, it is even more extraordinary to find ones below 5 denier. However, on occasion, these exceptionally delicate tights do make an appearance in the fashion world. In addition to these ultra-sheer outliers, there are also some intriguing options available at 7 or 8 deniers.

Most tights manufacturers strive to ensure that each product aligns with the nearest denomination of 5 denier. This commitment to precision and attention to detail allows ultra sheers to stand out as unique and niche within the broader hosiery market.

While some designers may define ultra sheer tights as those with a density of 5 or less, most commonly they refer to those around the range of 10 deniers. These extremely fine tights possess a remarkable ability: they can virtually disappear when worn, leaving behind only a subtle hint of color on your legs. This makes them perfect for adding a touch of vibrant hue while maintaining an air of natural elegance.

Furthermore, their near-invisible nature has made ultra-sheer tights popular among individuals looking for coverage for moles, birthmarks, or varicose veins. By providing just enough coverage without sacrificing breathability and comfort, these barely-there tights offer an ideal solution for those seeking both aesthetic enhancement and imperfection concealment.

Final Words

Whether you prefer the bare-leg illusion of ultra-sheer or the full coverage of opaque tights, there's a denier out there that perfectly suits your needs. At Maison SL we are proud to stock the finest tights, stockings and hold ups so if you've got any questions at all, please contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp or pop into our Notting Hill store. 

November 23, 2023
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