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Finding the perfect bra can be a daunting task for any woman. The right bra should offer comfort, and support, and improve overall body posture. However, studies show that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, causing discomfort and affecting their confidence.

A well-fitting bra should leave a woman feeling beautiful. At Maison SL, a luxury lingerie boutique, we are proud to be specialists in bra fitting with many years of experience.

We can fit the correct bra size by sight and can help you find the perfect lingerie for your needs and body type.

At our bra fitting service in our boutique in Notting Hill, we understand that different body shapes and sizes require different styles and brands of bras. 

We carry a wide selection of designer brands to accommodate women of all shapes, sizes, and stages of life, including those with specialized needs such as mastectomy bras or smaller cup sizes. Our goal is to make sure you leave feeling stylish and confident.

Luxury Bra Fitting in London

Step 1: Making an Appointment

While some shops accept walk-ins, it's advisable to book an appointment to ensure you get the necessary attention and time. Most stores in London offer online booking services.

Here at Maison SL in Notting Hill, London, we also offer online bra fitting and personal styling sessions on Facetime or Zoom. Or if you just want to have a virtual browse of the shop or get some advice on size and colours, we are delighted to provide an online consultation.

Bra fitting and styling sessions do work best if you can make it in person to the shop, try things on and feel the quality of the materials. But if that's not possible or you live abroad, you will find an online consultation very useful to get a feel for the luxury designer brands we have in stock. 

We always fit by sight in the shop and do not use tape measures so we can still advise you on size and the styles that will suit you best with a virtual styling session.

Please get in touch if you'd like to make an appointment.

Step 2: The Fitting

Once your appointment day arrives, we will guide you through the process. Take your measurements while you're wearing a bra, measuring under your bust to get your band size and around the fullest part of your bust to get your cup size.

We will be able to fit you by sight and then you can try on a variety of bras to find out what you feel best in. Take your time to try on different bras, move around and see how they fit and feel.

Understanding the Perfect Bra Fit

Finding the perfect bra might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. The right bra fit can not only provide comfort but also enhance your silhouette, boosting your confidence.

To find the perfect bra size, you should always bear in mind the following five points.

1. Make sure the band of the bra stays straight and doesn't ride up.

2. The straps should stay in place without digging or falling.

3. Your breasts should fill the cups without spilling out.

4. The underwire should surround each breast without pinching.

5. Lastly, the centre of the bra should lay flat between your breasts and not lift off your chest.

To explain it better, please find some more detailed information on how to measure your bra size below.

1. Band Fit

The band provides the majority of support for your bust. It should fit snugly against your body, parallel to the floor and lower on your back. Remember, a correctly fitted band will feel tighter than what you're used to, but it should not be uncomfortable or leave deep marks on your skin.

Tip: If your band rides up your back, it is likely too big. Try a smaller band size.

2. Cup Fit

Your breasts should fit neatly inside the bra cups without any spillage or gaping. The fabric of the cup should be smooth, and the wires should sit flat against your rib cage, surrounding the breasts fully. Ideally, you want a smooth line from breast to cup to lie nicely under your clothes.

Tip: If your breasts are spilling over or out of the cup, you might need a larger cup size. Conversely, if the cups are wrinkling or gaping, try a smaller cup size.

3. Bra Bridge Placement

The bra bridge, the piece of material in the centre of the bra, should lie flat against your body, specifically your sternum. If it is floating or digging into your chest, it indicates a poor fit.

Tip: A floating bra bridge indicates a small cup size, whereas if it's digging in, the cup size might be too large.

4. Strap Comfort

Straps are designed to provide stability, but not to bear the weight of your breasts. They should rest comfortably on your shoulders without slipping or digging in.

Tip: If your straps are digging in, they might be taking on too much weight. This could mean your band size is too big. If they're slipping, you may need to adjust them for a better fit.

5. Proper Adjustment

When trying on a new bra, start on the loosest hook. This allows for tightening as the bra stretches with wear, ensuring a longer lifespan for the bra.

Tip: If you start on a tighter hook, you'll have less room for adjustment as the bra stretches out.

Booking Your Lingerie Fitting

Getting the perfect bra fitting in London is as easy as booking an appointment at Maison SL. With the right-fitting bra, you can boost your confidence, enhance your appearance, and say goodbye to discomfort.

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November 28, 2023
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