There are so many benefits to wearing the right type of bra. As well as providing support and improving posture, the right type of bra can also enhance the feminine form, enhancing your body’s shape and providing a flattering silhouette.

But with so many different types of bra styles available on the luxury market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for the right occasion or to go with that special outfit.

So, whether you’re wanting to know which bra is best for your outfit, or are just looking to know the difference between a soft bra and wired bra, we have you covered in this ultimate bra types guide, explaining what each bra style can do for you.

Luxury, designer bras are the best quality and best designed; crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they use higher quality materials and design techniques. A good quality bra has the power to increase your confidence and make you feel amazing in your own skin.


Wired Bra

What is a wired bra?

A wired, or underwired, bra has a thin, flexible wire sewn into the underside, which provides additional support and shape to the breasts. There are a wide variety of wired bras on offer, including softer bras for everyday use or intricate lace designs for that special occasion.

Wired bras are commonly used by people with larger breasts who require additional support, although they can be worn by anyone who desires the added lift and shaping that the underwire provides.

Best bra for: everyday wear, larger breasts.


Soft bra

What is a soft bra?

A soft bra, also known as a wire-free or non-wired bra, is a type of bra that does not have an underwire. They are usually made of a softer material, often with some light padding, to support and shape the breasts. They are a great option for those with smaller breasts who do not need the additional support provided by a wired bra.

Soft bras come in a variety of styles, and a designer soft bra is designed with your comfort in mind, making them the perfect choice for everyday wear or those seeking a more relaxed fit.

Best bra for: everyday wear, comfort, smaller breasts.


Balcony Bra

What is a balcony bra?

A balcony, or balconette bra is a wired bra that offers an uplifting effect, giving your breasts a rounded shape with ample support. The cups in a balcony bra are designed to support the breasts from underneath, which is particularly beneficial for those with fuller breasts.

The balcony bra offers less coverage than a full-cup bra, and the straps are typically set wider apart, attaching to the very edge, rather than the centre, of the cup. This design ensures discreet and flattering support that won’t be on show, making the balcony bra the ideal choice for wearing with that sexy low-cut outfit or that awkward square neckline.

Best bra for: square necklines, spaghetti straps, low-cut outfits.


t shirt bra

What is a T-shirt bra?

A classic design that is your best friend when wearing fitted clothing for a smooth look. T-shirt bras can either be moulded or seam-free, or they might have almost undetectable seams to create that soft, smooth appearance under outfits.

Best bra for: Creating a smooth sillhouette underneath fitted tops and t-shirts.



What is a bralette?

A bralette is a lightweight bra that resembles a crop top or a camisole, it is usually wire free, making it a comfortable fit. A bralette does not have cups, but is usually pulled over the head, offering adjustable straps for a secure and comfortable fit.

There are a range of styles of bralette, and designer items offer a luxurious yet comfortable feel, with the added benefit of subtle support and shaping. Due to their unstructured design, they are the ideal choice for wearing under loose and flowy outfits, or as a comfortable alternative to a wired bra for a more relaxed and natural silhouette.

Best bra for: everyday wear, comfort, lounging or sleeping.


Half cup bra

What is a half cup bra?

A half cup bra, or demi bra, is a typically wired and sometimes padded bra with a sexy, smaller cup for minimal coverage. Despite the narrower cup shape, a well-designed half cup bra can still give you the comfort and support of an everyday bra, enhancing your natural breast shape and cleavage.

Their flattering, sensual design makes the half cup bra the perfect bra for the bedroom, whilst their sleek design also makes the ideal, undetectable partner under a low-cut top or dress.

Best bra for: low-cut outfits, date night.


Padded bra

What is a padded bra?

Similar to a push up bra, a padded bra has padding within the cups to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. The padding gives extra size and roundness, which can completely change your silhouette; clothes on or off!

As a padded bra is designed to add subtle volume and shaping to the breasts, many designer bras have some padding included in their cups.

Best bra for: everyday wear, tight-fitting outfits.


Push up bra

What is a push up bra?

A push up bra is similar to a padded bra, as they are both designed to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. Typically, a padded bra provides a subtle enhancement, whilst a push-up bra gives a more dramatic lift and a deeper cleavage for that extra wow-factor.

The push up bra is designed with padded, angled cups that sit underneath the breasts, which lifts the breasts both upwards and inwards, maximising your natural cleavage. 

Best bra for: low-cut oufits, v-necks.


Plunge bra

What is a plunge bra?

A plunge bra is a type of low-cut bra that features a deep V-shaped front that plunges much deeper than a standard wired bra. They are typically wired for support, but can be soft for comfort or padded for cleavage enhancement.

The design of a plunge bra typically includes underwire and padding at the bottom of the cups to provide lift and support, whilst the plunging V-neck makes it great to wear with low-cut necklines.

Best bra for: low-cut necklines, cowl necks.


Strapless bra

What is a strapless bra?

A strapless bra is a type of bra without any shoulder straps that fastens at the back.

They are usually padded, and support the breasts from underneath, eliminating any strain on the shoulders from straps. The cups come in a variety of shapes, which can still provide support and shape to the breasts without the need for straps.

Due to their versatile design, strapless bras can be worn with a variety of garments; from strapless dresses to halter necks.

Best bra for: strapless dresses, halter necks, asymmetric necklines.

So if you’ve got an outfit or a special event planned and find yourself thinking what type of bra should I wear? You can refer back to this handy guide on the different types of bras available and their uses.


May 09, 2023
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