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There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect bikini that makes you feel body-positive and sexy in your own skin. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hitting up the beach or jetting off on a well-needed vacation to a sunnier climate, feeling confident in a gorgeous bikini is a must. 

These days, there are so many different types of bikinis on offer that it can feel a bit daunting when it comes to choosing the right one for you. But this handy guide to different bikini styles aims to make it a little easier to navigate! We have laid out the different types of bikini tops and bottoms on offer to help you find the style and fit that suits you and your body shape, so you can relax with a cocktail in hand, wearing a flattering style that makes you feel amazing. 

Bikini Top Styles

Similar to finding the right bra, finding the right bikini top can seem like a big challenge. You want to find the perfect style that flatters but also enhances your body’s natural curves. Once you’ve found the perfect bikini style for you and your body shape, there are so many choices available. 

Some of the bikini top styles on offer are:

1. Halterneck Top Bikinis 

Halterneck bikini tops are the most similar in style to a bra, the straps extend from the top of the cups and can either be pulled on or fastened by strings at the nape of the neck. 

Halter bikini tops are a great choice because of the support that they offer, and they usually come with padding or removable padding for an extra cleavage boost. 

If you’re looking to minimize the size of your breasts, opt for a halterneck bikini with removable padding or a high neck halterneck, which covers the cleavage and chest up to the neck for a fuller coverage, whilst still retaining the skimpy shape of halterneck bikini. 

Best bikini top: for smaller breasts (halter), covering a larger bust (high neck halter).

2. Triangle Bikini Tops

triangle bikini

Instantly recognisable, the triangle bikini top is a classic style that can be both basic or beautiful.

It is formed of two, triangle-shaped cups that are joined together by a string threaded through the base of the cups, as well as string attached to the top of each triangle. The strings serve as the fastening for the triangle top, fastening at the neck and behind the back. The strings can be tied tight or loosely, depending on how much support your breasts require. 

The great thing about a triangle bikini is how versatile it is - You can tie it loosely if you have a bigger bust, or can tighten at the neck for more support. They also come with or without padding.

A triangle bikini top is not recommended for larger, heavier breasts, as it lacks the structure needed for ample support. 

Best bikini top for: Smaller breasts that don’t require much additional support. 

3. Plunge Bikinis 

Plunge bikini tops are very on-trend for 2023 and are great for giving your cleavage a boost. 

Plunge tops are formed of two cups which are cut horizontally over the breasts, exposing cleavage down to the sternum with a deep V shape. They can be padded for extra support and enhancement, accentuating the size and shape of your breasts and making your cleavage pop! 

A plunge bikini is ideal for lots of body shapes due to the versatility of designs on offer. They are usually wired to support larger breasts and come padded, unpadded, or even with removable padding. 

Best bikini top for: boosting cleavage, small or large breasts,and  support. 

4. Strapless Bikinis

strapless bikini

A strapless bikini is a straightforward choice for a bikini and comes in a few different styles such as a bandeau or a strapless cup bikini. 

A bandeau bikini consists of one piece of stretchy fabric which can be pulled over the breasts to cover them completely, going straight over the chest. Generally, they are the same width all the way around, though there are also options with a thinner back. 

A strapless cup bikini consists of two padded cups that are attached to a tapered fabric band with a clasp at the back. 

Key in the name, a strapless bikini does not have straps and therefore does not pull breasts up, but instead, the tightness of the fabric provides support and prevents your breasts from moving around when wearing. 

A strapless bikini top is a good choice for all breast shapes and sizes, the simplicity of the design provides support and also covers cleavage, which can minimize the size of your breasts whilst providing a more rounded appearance. 

Best bikini top for: Large breasts (bandeau), smaller breasts (strapless), covering cleavage. 

5. Tank Tops 

tank top bikini

Tank bikini tops are similar in style to a bralette or crop top. They generally have a higher bust coverage than other bikinis, so expose little to no cleavage. 

They usually pull on over the head rather than fasten at the back, making them the ultimate choice for security during leisure activities as they won’t ping open! 

Due to the stay-put fit of a tank top, they are comfortable to wear and provide adequate bust support. They also come with the added option of padding or underwire. As they usually come in a dress size rather than a cup size, tank-top bikinis are better suited to those with smaller breasts for a comfortable fit. 

Best bikini for: Beach sports, pool activities, and smaller breasts.

6. Tankini Tops

tankini bikini tops

They tend to be worn when you want to have the effect of a one piece but wear 2 pieces. The tankini looks like a long version of the tank top and stops below the waist.

The advantage of wearing a tankini is covring the midrift when convenient but when you want to tan you can just lift it up. Like a tank top takinis can be wired, padded or with removable pads and are suitable to all kinds of people and bodyshapes.

7. Wired Bikini Tops

wired bikini top

As with bras, bikini tops come with or without an underwire. 

A wired bikini top provides structure to the top underneath the bust, which can be supportive for larger, heavier breasts or provide a lift for smaller breasts. 

Underwired bikinis come in a range of different styles - Most bikini top styles in this guide come in wired or non-wired versions - so are extremely versatile.

Best bikini top for: support, uplift, small or large breasts. 

Bikini Bottom Styles

Of course, no bikini is complete without a great pair of bikini bottoms. When it comes to enhancing your body shape with the perfect swimsuit, classic briefs, tie side or high waist briefs are words you should have on your radar. Below we will explore these three different but equally gorgeous styles.

After that, the only question left to answer is will you go for a matching or mismatched bikini set? 

1. Classic Bikini Briefs

classic bikini briefs

The clue is in the name with classic bikini bottoms - they are the style that likely springs to mind when you think of a bikini set.

They can tie with strings or simply slip on, and they provide similar coverage to a classic pair of briefs at the front and back, so you won’t feel too exposed when walking around the pool. 

Classic bottoms come in a range of different styles and designs to suit a range of different body shapes. However, they usually ride quite low around the hips so are less popular with curvier women.  

Best bikini bottoms for: All body shapes and sizes. 

2. High Waist Bikini Bottoms

high waisted briefs

High-waisted bikini bottoms are a fabulous choice for enhancing your silhouette. 

They are comfortable on curves, give the waist a gentle pull to make it appear slimmer and provide control and compression to flatten the lower belly. Overall, they’re extremely flattering. 

Perfectly on trend for 2023, high-waisted bikinis can provide modest coverage or can have a cheeky thinner back or even a thong to show off your booty. Due to their slimming design, they are suitable for all body shapes, although those with hip dips may prefer a style with a classic back over a thong.

Best bikini bottoms for: tummy control, slimming the waist, all body shapes. 

3. Tie-Side Bikini Briefs

tie side bikini briefs

Tie-side bikini bottoms are great for enhancing your tanning experience. 

They fasten with strings at the side of the hips and can be easily adjustable, meaning you can untie them to expose more skin for minimal tan lines. You can also choose to tie them tight or loosely to sit differently and accentuate different features, such as slimming the waist or masking love handles.

Tie-side bottoms come in high-waisted, classic or thong styles, so you are guaranteed to find a pair that suits your figure. Due to their skimpy style, they don’t provide a huge amount of coverage but that can be an advantage. Contrary to what most people think, less coverage makes you look smaller, not bigger - and vice-versa! 

Best bikini bottoms for: tanning, smaller frames. 

So whether you’re curvy, petite, athletic or anything in between, with such a range of bikini shapes and styles to flatter every figure, you can take your pick to find a style that makes you feel fabulous on the beach and beyond.

April 27, 2023
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